Borg scrambles to erase the stink of Vista

Now Gates says they’ll have Windows 7 next year, where previously they’d said they wouldn’t have the next crappy iteration of Windows until 2010. “I’m superenthused about what it will do in lots of ways,” the Beastmaster sayeth. By which I think he means they’ve totally redesigned the blue screen of death to make it more visually appealing. And there’s a whole new set of driver issues and weird crashes and stalls. And performance will be down by an extra 10%. Can’t wait! Seriously.

Meanwhile if you’re really interested in software gorpspeak, this guy claims to have some inside dope on what Windows 7 is going to look like. Thanks to the folks who sent me this link but I must admit I didn’t read it, only because I really don’t care what Windows 7 will look like. And I’m super busy. Okay?