Beastmaster, I have made you my bitch

So Microsoft just put out their numbers and they suck. And I’ve seen some handwringing about how this must mean the economy is having problems but come on. We know what’s having problems. It’s Vista. And they’re not going to have their next version until 2010, and that’s according to the Borg itself. Reality is probaby worse.

But let’s assume they’re right. That means we have two friggin years to keep smoking their weed and stealing their customers. As for that big economic slowdown, you may have noticed that it doesn’t seem to be hurting us. Our earnings were up 36%, mostly thanks to Mac sales that are just going crazy. This Windows stumble by the Borg could not have happened at a better time for us, and we are totally capitalizing on it. David Kirkpatrick of Fortune says Apple is “one of the healthiest tech companies I have ever seen.”

Namaste, Beastmaster and Fester. I honor the place where your frigtarded engineers and my robust earnings become one.