Yes, we got pwned. This means nothing.

Much love to the thousands of Apple faithful who’ve flooded my inbox with messages about this “Pwn to Own” contest where the Mac was the first machine to fall, with the Vista box next and the Linux box apparently surviving unscathed. Okay. Fair enough. We got pwned. First of all the contest was totally rigged and unfair for all sorts of reasons which I won’t even bother to go into here. The fact is that Macs are by far the safest, most bulletproof machines on the planet, and that’s been proven over and over again.

Anyway I urge you to check out this story and see what kind of computers the winning hackers use, and where they’re planning to spend their money. Money quote: “I like Macs. I use Macs for everything.” And what will he do with his $10,000 prize money? He’ll buy more Macs. “I think Apple will get a large chunk of that money.”

Nuff said, right?