Wired says we’re evil. My response? Guilty as charged, your honor.

See their big thoughtful piece here. Um, Wired dudes? I think it’s nice that you want to help Leander Kahney tout his new book about Apple by giving him a cover story. That’s nice. It really is. And it’s only fair since you used last month’s mag to pimp Chris Anderson’s awful new book. But this business of trolling for traffic by bashing Apple is getting kind of old, isn’t it? I mean even Dvorak has more or less stopped doing it. Anyway, good luck to you guys. Yes, we’re evil. We’re proprietary. We’re secretive. We’re mean to our employees. Guess what? We’re also winning. So siooma, whiners.

To put it another way — if openness and transparency and kindness are the keys to success, where’s the open source iTunes killer? Huh? If it’s such a great model, why the fuck can’t these freetards manage to do a knock-off of iTunes?