Wal-Mart yanks Linux PC, cites lack of childlike wonder

See this story in InformationWeek (the #1 source for tech news of all kinds) saying that even the cheap dumb fucks who buy computers at Wal-Mart have enough of a clue to avoid the gPC machine from Everex. Naturally the freetard writing the article says he can’t understand why this has happened, though he concedes that (a) the gPC runs gOS which won’t run Windows apps and Wal-Tards might get the thing home and find that out and be a bit disappointed and return it; and (b) the gPC machine shipped without a monitor, which apparently confuses Wal-Tards who get home and turn it on and then call tech support asking why can’t they see anything; and (c) the gPC machine mostly shipped with Web apps, but those require a high-speed Internet connection and, um, the cheapskate n00bs and Wal-Tards who are drawn to a $200 computer don’t generally spend $50 a month on cable modem or DSL service and they generally haven’t heard of “cloud computing” and the “Google-centric computing experience.” Guess nobody thought of that.

Nonetheless freetard hack boy says, “I don’t think this is the end of the road for retail Linux PCs — not by a long shot,” though he concedes that “selling Linux to the masses is going to require more than just a low price tag — since, when you get down to it, Linux already has that.”

Um, yeah. Put it this way. When you’re giving something away free, and people still don’t want it, and in fact would rather spend money on something else, you’ve got a problem.

Nonetheless, I expect that soon the extreme freetards at Groklaw will suggest a Microsoft conspiracy. Like, um, after doing some heavy-duty investigative work it turns out that some mid-level executive who joined Wal-Mart last month is the same guy who back in the 1980s worked at an investment bank that managed money for a prince from Saudi Arabia and strangely enough records show that in 2003 Bill Gates visited Saudi Arabia and met with a cousin of that very same prince and they talked about creating a company to bring more tech to the Middle East. Pretty easy to connect the dots, right? Soon, Steven J. Vaughan-Cut-and-Paste of eWeek will pick up the meme and after repeating it once or twice will shorten it to “the well-known close ties between Microsoft and Wal-Mart, which led to Wal-Mart removing all Linux machines from its stores.”

Or maybe the Wal-Tards just didn’t want to buy them. Nah. Couldn’t be.