Vista now even more of a bargain

Well, the Borg has slashed the price of its amazing new operating system. Now it’s only $319 for the version that contains the full lineup of bugs and fuck-ups. Such a deal.

Meanwhile a lawsuit reveals that even as they were telling the world how great Vista was, Microsoft executives and board members were tearing their hair out trying to use it and complaining mightily that it was a piece of shit. Former Borg boss and now Borg board member Jon Shirley refused to upgrade his second machine from XP after seeing how bad Vista was on his first machine. Also, it turns out Dell was blasting them too. In other words they all knew it was an unusable piece of shit even as they were out encouraging customers to buy it.

In a related story, Microsoft announces Henry Blodget will be head of marketing. Just kidding.

Worse yet, some Borgtards have tried to blame Intel for the Vista Capable snafu.

You know what? It’s really starting to get sad up there in Redmond. Most days I can’t even work up the energy to hate them. But some days I still can, and on those days I feel really, really good about myself.