Scoble accuses me of lying, but admits he has no proof

Forgive me but isn’t this stupid fuck one of the big-mouth bloggers who’s always quick to jump on people for running rumors without proof? You know — those holier-than-thou bloggers who are always jumping on the morons in the MSM and criticizing them for violating some sacred rule of journalism?

So imagine my surprise to see Scoble running an article where he says that a little bird told him that Flash runs fine on iPhone and I’m lying about why we don’t use it. That’s right. He accuses. Me. Of. Lying. See here. Money quote is his outrageously stupid first sentence: “I have not substantiated this with anyone at either Adobe or Apple, so might turn out to be totally false.”

Excuse me, I just choked on my mango smoothie. Especially because I seem to remember Scoble squealing like a pig when I ran a rumor about him leaving his job at Podtech. Even though that rumor, um, turned out to be true.