Sarah Lacy self-immolates on stage at SXSWi

Well, once again my powers of premonition have proved to be quite, um, powerful. You may recall that a few days ago I ripped on Sarah Lacy of BusinessWeek, saying that, “She’s a total dumbass, and she’s obnoxious, and she’s totally in love with herself, and she’s almost always wrong.” This was after she bashed iPhone. I also said I couldn’t get angry at her because of her big, round, beautiful eyes. To me, and to many others, these big beautiful eyes possess a hypnotic power. They become virtual earmuffs, preventing us from hearing any of the inane statements that Sarah makes. But apparently the hypnotic power doesn’t work in Texas. Or something. Because yesterday Sarah got up on stage with Mark Zuckerborg of Facebook at the SXSWi conference and totally made an ass of herself. Apparently it was so bad that people started booing and hissing and telling her to get off the stage. You can read all about it here.

Video above shows Ms. Lacy outside afterward trying to shrug it off and saying that it’s just because she’s “one of the only women covering tech” — see, in the world of Sarah all those other female tech reporters simply don’t exist — and that “it’s the price of being high profile.”

Um, no. It’s the price of asking dumb questions.

And maybe it’s backlash for doing that big gushing Aug. 2006 Valley-hype cover story saying that Kevin Rose of Digg had made $60 million in 18 months — a claim that the company’s CEO immediately disavowed, saying, “That was completely invented.”

Then again, the Valley hack force is known for making ridiculous false claims and then becoming famous for them. Look at Chris Anderson’s “long tail” theory. Total bullshit, but the guy has been dining out on it for years, giving lectures and speeches to frigtards who swallow this crap as if it’s gospel. (And why not? The guy throws up all sorts of charts and graphs, and throws in references to famous economists, so it all sounds like a bona fide college lecture.) Now Anderson is touting another ridiculous and totally bogus theory, claiming that free is the future of business, when, um, it’s not. Yet he’ll dine out on this one for another two years and travel the globe making a fortune giving very not-free lectures to the same frigtards who paid him for his very not-free lectures about the long tail.

So why go after Sarah Lacy and not Chris Anderson? I think it’s the eyes. Yup. Has to be.