Rush Limbaugh blames us for his own incompetence

And yet we pretended to help him anyway. See this clip from the Times. Rush was having “problems” with his email and appealed to us and so we “assigned an engineer” to Rush. Well, that’s the official story. Truth is the frigtard simply didn’t know how to use his mail program. We let him save face by telling him there was some kind of problem with the “null mail folder” and we made up some other terms that sounded kind of techie. Whatevs. Good news is we also planted some stuff in there so we can read his personal mail and search for references to drugs and women. Should be digging up some choice nuggets soon for our pals at DailyKos and the Obama campaign. My first plan was to install a tiny spraygun in the iSight hole and use it to mist Rush with anthrax or nerve gas. It’s similar to the one we use on Goatberg and Pogue to send out their daily hypno-beams. Moshe had a prototype working but we decided to hold off for now.