The real story: Charlie Rose attacked by Andrea Jung

No doubt by now you’ve heard the official cover story about how Charlie Rose stepped in a pothole and fell on his face in order to save his precious Macbook Air. Please. Truth is he’s yet another victim of Andrea Jung, our newest board member, who’s been kicking the crap out of people at Apple (see here and here) and apparently does this all the time at Avon and elsewhere. True story? Andrea was supposed to sit down with Charlie for an interview. She’d insisted on a bunch of ground rules, first one being “No questions about Andrea assaulting people.” So before the taping Charlie goes into the green room, says hello, and then says, “I hope you’re not going to hit me today.” Thinking this is some kind of joke, like some kind of ice-breaker. He’d barely got the words out when bam! She clocked him and stomped out. Sorry, Charlie. But you can’t say you weren’t warned.