PhotoCrank opt-out feature

Good news for those of you who have been complaining about PhotoCrank. The good folks at PhotoCrank have revised the software and added a little X button to the stuff that pops up over the photos. Click the X and you can opt out of PhotoCrank altogether. You’ll never see it again on this site. You can always opt back in later.

I added PhotoCrank because I thought it would be fun for readers and could add an element of interaction to the blog. The complainers have been very vocal, but it seems there are a lot of other people who do enjoy the software and use it. Check out the PhotoCrank homepage and their list of “Most Cranked Sites.”

Anyway, the new opt-out feature ought to make everyone happy. Crankers can keep cranking; everyone else can just shut it off. Bokay?

Now I have to go get ready for the big SDK announcement. Later, bitches.