Namaste, Jim Clark. She loves you for your mind. And your sense of humor. Keep telling yourself that.

Larry just sent me this hilarious article about elderly Jim Clark and his luscious 27-year-old swimsuit model girlfriend, who says: “I never thought I was going to date an older man when I first met him. To me, it was different to hang out with someone with something to say [shurely ‘so much money’ ed.] that was so interesting [rich?] and important and who was truly, incredibly intelligent [loaded?]. He’s handsome [rich?] and has so much charisma [money?] – and he’s so funny [rich?].”

Jim, for what it’s worth, Larry and I wish you the best. Don’t even think about wiping that stupid grin off your face. Who cares if she’s ten years younger than your daughter? More power to you, you disgusting old perv.