Jealous Woz bashes iPhone, MacBook Air and Apple TV

See here. He says iPhone sucks cause it’s not 3G; MacBook Air sucks cause it has no optical drive and you can’t remove the battery; and he doesn’t like the rental policy on Apple TV. On this last point — dude, you’re a billionaire. Just buy the movies you want. Okay? Why are you renting?

Anyway it’s worth checking out because it’s classic Woz, playing the big role of Mr. Honesty when in fact he’s just sooooo jealous that he doesn’t get to work on products anymore. So instead he just bashes what we do. Fine. Fair enough. What really pisses me of is that he does this even after I kept it a secret about him getting crabs from Kathy Griffin.

Dear Woz: Sleep with one eye open, brother. That’s all I’m going to say.