I’m battling some Wired dude in an online debate

See here. Leander Kahney and I engage in a little bit of “Jane you ignorant slut” debate about Apple. Naturally he’s all critical of Apple and a total hater. I try to smack some sense into him but I’m not sure if it’s working. At last glance I seem to be beating the hell out of him in terms of votes but look it couldn’t hurt to go add a few hundred thousand more votes in my column just to show these punks at Wired that the Apple faithful are sick of getting pushed around. It’s all part of some big package of stories in which Wired is trying to argue that Apple is evil. See this item from Gizmodo touting the thing. Frankly I think it’s really unfair; I think we’re the least evil company in the world. Have you seen our ads? They’ve got Gandhi in them. Okay? Friggin Gandhi. I guess in today’s world that just doesn’t mean as much as it used to. Sad.