I talked to Barry last night and man is he pissed

He was kicking back and smoking some of the herb I sent him and to be honest he was kind of bumming out. But he also sounded frustrated and pissed off, which I took to be a good sign. He says he’s furious about this bullshit “kitchen sink” attack that Maggie Williams has been throwing at him. “Dude,” he said, because that’s what he calls me, “I just talked to my people and I told them I think it’s time we started throwing some porcelain of our own. We’re going to hit her with everything we’ve got. The sink, the toilet, the urinals. Whatever’s big and heavy, we’re tossing it.”

I told him I totally agreed but I also recommended that he do some yoga and tai chi to get himself centered. Read a little Art of War and then a little Tao Te Ching, is what I told him, and then, yeah, go out there and start lobbing some friggin bombs. Smack that big ass. Smack it hard.

He was like, Thanks bud. I totally appreciate it. And thanks for the Oregon herb. It’s just right. Nice and mellow, not too edgy, just like you said. We’re all digging it. I told him no problem, and if he wants to use the Jobs Jet, just let me know. He said he’d do that. Then we both said “Peace out,” and signed off.