I sympathize with Heather Mills

She squeezed a $50 million settlement out of Sir Paul today and then came outside and started ranting on the courthouse steps. You know what? I feel for her. Because I’ve been sitting across a table from this bastard myself for longer than I care to admit. And let me tell you, he is the dirtiest, sneakiest, cheapest, tightest, meanest prick I’ve ever dealt with. Worse than Michael Eisner. And that’s saying something. All you need is love? Ha! I mean you should see the terms he’s trying to squeeze out of us. And the attitude! He’s like, “I’ve made my money, mate. I don’t need you. You need me. You’re just some chap with a record store, mate. Remember that.”

Anyway I shouldn’t get into this right now. Someday we’re going to agree on something and I’m going to have to get up on a stage with him and smile and pretend I like him. So best to keep quiet for now. Peace out.