First Bill Lerach, now this douche. Maybe there is a God.

I guess we’re all supposed to feel sorry for Eliot Spitzer now that he’s been rounded up in some hooker sting. Oh please. First of all he’s not getting busted for the hooker thing but for funny business with money, which if I recall correctly was what he used to rail against. This asshole spent years bringing bogus charges against honest businesspeople and blackmailing them into accepting “deals” rather than face a barrage of bad publicity. Worse yet, he did this not in the name of justice but in a craven attempt to make a name for himself and boost his political career.

Trust me, if you’ve ever been harassed by the feds over some bogus charge, you know exactly what kind of humongous assholes they are. Absolute scumbags. Ruthless, amoral bastards. Ten times worse than most of the people they’re trying to prosecute. Oh well.

Best detail for me so far is finding out here that this idiot paid $4,300 for a hooker. Of course now that piece of ass is gonna end up costing him a lot more than that.

Better yet, this scandal is a two-fer: Spitzer is one of Hillary Clinton’s political allies. Imagine the flashbacks.