Book initiative update: I’ve put "Foucault’s Pendulum" on hold

So as many of you know I received quite a bit of abuse recently after I said that the Amazon Kindle was a dumb product because nobody reads anymore. People started calling me an anti-intellectual. Which is crazy because I am a total intellectual. I mean I live in Palo Alto. Okay? Talk about the life of the mind. Anyway, I resolved to start reading a lot of big important books. Started with Foucault’s Pendulum and got really frustrated by the very bad typeface. Nonetheless I pushed on. But, well, how do I put it? The book kind of sucks. No, let me correct that. The book is shit. It’s unreadable. For a while I thought it was just me. But then I realized of course it’s not me. I mean does that even make sense? Clearly the problem is the book. And I’m not just talking about the typeface. It’s also the words themselves and the way they are arranged into sentences. And the story doesn’t make any sense at all. At least not if you put it down for a few days and then come back to it because you can’t remember who’s who and you have to start all over. Oy vey. I give up.

Anyway. I’ve put the reading thing on hold for a while. Very busy finishing the v2 iPhone. But as soon as that’s done I’m going to try something else. Maybe “War and Peace.” Or “Crime and Punishment.” More as this develops.