Bing blows. There, I said it.

See this lame attempt at humor where he rips on a MacBook Air. Folks, forget about whether he’s right or wrong about the MacBook Air, because frankly he’s just wrong (and he pretty much admits it in his groveling apology disguised as a defense that he posted afterward) but that’s not the point. The point is, can we just be honest for a moment and point out that this guy cannot write worth shit? I mean it’s just not funny. Which brings me to the question that I’ve asked David Kirkpatrick and everyone else at Fortune every time I’ve met them for the past five years: Why the fuck is this guy still on the back page of Fortune? I mean it was funny, sort of, once, maybe, like back in the 1970s or something. But dudes, the world has moved on. Stanley Bing has become the Andy Rooney of the print world. Have you heard the one about the vice president who expensed his golf clubs? Or the guy who got promoted over some other guy and then they had to ride in the same elevator together? Ha! “How Fred Got His New Job,” is the tantalizing back-pager in the latest issue. Before that it was “The Seven Ages of Business.” Honestly, does anyone even read this shit? Katie says the guys at Fortune all know Bing sucks, and they’re embarrassed by him, but what can they do?

Bing, you blow dead donkeys. There, I said it.