Benioff to succeed Ellison at Oracle?

That’s what ZDNet’s Tom Foremski thinks is going to happen. See here. I ran this by Larry last night and he says it’s actually pretty possible, if not downright likely. He says Benioff is practically begging him to buy “He’s done everything but come over here with his legs shaved, wearing high heels and a miniskirt,” Larry says.

Naturally Larry is loving this. Meanwhile Chuck Phillips and Safra Catz are freaking the hell out. Larry is loving that, too. Nothing better than being able to pit people against each other and screw over people who’ve been immensely, foolishly loyal to you. I know this sounds twisted, but when you get to the point where you can buy any kind of pleasure you want, you need to look for more creative, twisted ways to get off. Betrayal always works. It’s like that first sharp taste of cocaine hitting the inside of your nostril, then working its way down the back of your throat. Pure pleasure. Nothing like it. Not that I’ve ever used cocaine. But I’ve read about it.

Anyway. Go Larry. You evil genius you.