Woz forgives me for ripping him off

See here. He did an interview with some magazine from Wharton and they asked him about the time I got him to do some work for Atari and I told him I’d received $700 for us to split when actually it was a few thousand. His answer:

“When you judge Steve as a person — the great things he brings to the world versus, maybe, these encroachments on personal decency or personal honesty with other people or disrespect of people when they’ve worked very hard and do a great job and he’ll say, “Oh, that’s just shitty,” that sort of thing — those are probably outweighed by the good that he does for the world. …

“What Steve does on the good side — like the music scenario [in which] we didn’t bring just a music device called the iPod, we brought a whole music system: a store that sells it, a computer that manages and organizes it. And an iPod is just a satellite to your computer. Plug it in and it works. You don’t have to do anything.

“You’ve got to admire Steve for that kind of thinking.

“Nobody’s perfect. [Everybody is] going to have cases where they did something bad to somebody, said something nasty to them and maybe regret it later.”

I’m in tears as I write this. Woz, I love you too, man. I truly do.

Folks please read the entire article. It’s a gem. Except the parts where Woz says the company has changed and we put too much emphasis on making products look cool. That part you can just skip right over.