We’re not pirating your music. We’re promoting it.

Some freako unknown musician guy says he’s outraged because he saw his albums for sale on iTunes but he’s never seen a dime from us. See here. He describes us as “a huge multi-billion dollar corporation that has been selling thousands of dollars worth of my music and not even acknowledging it.”

Folks, I can’t address the specifics of this situation, and frankly I’m not up to speed on exactly what our arrangement is with this particular artist or his label. But I assure you that we are asbolutely fulfilling our end of whatever bargain we’ve made with this fellow. And I will guarantee you that even if this fellow is not getting any money from us, he is definitely getting attention for his music by being on our store and that in itself is a form of compensation.

We don’t rip off artists. We love artists. We’re all for the artists. The crazy ones. The rebels. It’s who we are. It’s how we do business. We’re good. People who complain about us are bad. That’s all I have to say on this matter at this time. Now will someone please get me a friggin chai latte at exactly one hundred and sixty five degrees? Thank you. (Much love to JoinAnonymous for the tip.)