Stallman friends freaking out about his ‘erratic behavior’

Friends of free software guru Richard M. Stallman are starting to get worried about his increasingly erratic behavior. He’s been taking off on trips and not telling anyone where he is; he’ll be gone for weeks at a time. Then there was his Craigslist ad seeking a girlfriend, and then the hip-hop dancing on the lawn at MIT. Now this photo has just surfaced on Stallman’s personal web site showing him in Lima, Peru doing bike tricks at one of those concrete rollerblading ramp places. (Our art director, Jason, spotted it.) Stallman was in Lima to give a talk about free software at some socialist university. Afterward he hit the skate park. Apparently he’s going through some huge mid-life crisis, getting all into extreme sports like bungee-jumping and skydiving.

All I can say is, do what you need to do, Stallman. But you really should be wearing a helmet. I’m just saying. Peace out.