Squirrel Boy swears he’s not scared. We have evidence to the contrary.

Here’s a shot of Eric getting into his car this morning so he can go home and work on the answers he’s going to give to analysts this afternoon. The calls from Wall Street are pouring in, and Google’s crack PR squad (cough, cough) is working overtime to hold them off. I know what you’re wondering and yes, we do have one of our operatives planted in their flack team, and word is they are freaking the fuck out. Stock is down to $513 from $564 yesterday. They’re shedding market cap faster than Britney Spears is shedding her grip on reality. It’s not just the Yahoo deal and the Facebook deal. You may have noticed that the Borg also recently lined up a n exclusive deal with the Wall Street Journal to handle their online ads.

Oh well. Frankly, Eric and I haven’t been too cool since they launched their stupid Android thing. On the other hand we are supposed to be brothers in arm against the Borg. And Eric says that this whole thing should scare me too, and I suspect he’s correct, though I’m still waiting for somehow to explain why that is.