A reader asks

Dear Steve,
Back in August you said you were bored with the industry and you wished someone would announce a big stupid train-wreck of a merger. See here and here. You wrote at the time that you’d like to see “one of those deals where tens of billions of dollars change hands and everybody knows it’s a train wreck but the two CEOs get up and talk about their wonderful synergies and blah blah and everyone just kind of snickers and waits for the disaster to happen.” You said you wanted to see “something big and robust and incredibly stupid, with at least one but preferably two very high-profile companies doing something really, really dumb.” My question to you, Dear Leader, is simply this: Does Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo fulfill these conditions?
Signed, Steve Dowling

Dear Steve Dowling,
Thank you for your letter. The answer is a resounding Yes. Microsoft taking over Yahoo is beyond anything I could have imagined. It’s a wet dream brought to life. Thanks for the question. And I love your horns and beard braid. The new look is really working for you.