Obama just faith-healed some woman

Just heard this from one of our guys who’s traveling with Barry for the week providing tech support for his staff. Apparently they were in Ohio, or maybe Texas — I get them mixed up — and some woman came up to Obama saying she was blind from a factory accident and out of work and she’d heard about Obama and had listened to him speaking on TV and just wanted to meet Obama and shake his hand. Obama shook the woman’s hand and then took both of her hands in his hands and began talking to her in this very quiet voice, almost a whisper. Nobody knows what he was saying but suddenly the woman began shaking and crying and then Obama let go and the woman stumbled backward and started looking around and shouting, Oh my God! Oh my God!

According to our guy on the ground, this woman is not some kind of ringer or plant. Her husband and kids and some friends had brought her to the rally and they all vouched for her. Our guys says Obama seemed kind of geeked out and just took off fast, like maybe he didn’t mean for this to happen or something. His handlers were freaking too and wouldn’t answer questions about it and said only that the senator was moving on to his next stop of the day.

I know people are going to be skeptical but frankly I totally believe this because I’ve done it myself a few times. It’s not magic. It’s just a kind of energy that some people are able to channel. Goes with the charisma and the ability to persuade people with your speeches. It’s just a more extreme version of that same energy. I’ve never asked Barry about this but I kind of knew when I met him that he had it. Bono has it too.

Anyway, I’m sure Barry is actually embarrassed about this and didn’t do it to show off. If I know him I’ll be he’ll pretend it didn’t happen and he won’t want to talk about it. More as this develops.