Little tip: Don’t put the newspaper next to your MacBook. Duh.

So this guy in New York says he’s got a MacBook that keeps trying to burn his house down. He’s even written to me directly, because as everyone knows that’s also part of my job, fielding tech support calls. Right. Like when I’m not driving the delivery truck and running out to pick up coffee and donuts for everybody back at the office.

But here’s the kicker. The guy just outright admits that these fires keep happening because he puts the New York Times next to the MacBook and the sparks from the MacBook hit the newspaper.

Um, buddy? Simple solution here. See the headline above. Man oh man. I love these “user error” problems. It’s like when Dave Winer huffed and puffed and marched into a retail store demanding service — only to be told about the little button on the side of his iPhone.

BTW, firebug dude? Stop writing to me.