Jerry York is tormenting Al Gore again

So as I’ve mentioned before Jerry York is like the world’s biggest climate change skeptic and he loves to take the piss out of Al Gore. This drives Al nuts since as you might suspect he doesn’t exactly have the greatest sense of humor about this urgent crisis that threatens to destroy all of civilization within the next ten to twenty years. Jerry’s latest thing is sending Al taunting emails with links to stories about people freezing their nuts off in Alaska and record cold temps in Minnesota and bitter cold in the Northeast. He find this crap on the Drudge Report and sends it to Al with notes like, “More evidence! Keep up the good work!” Jerry’s point apparently is that record cold snaps somehow mean that global warming isn’t happening. Al tries to explain to Jerry that in fact these record cold snaps are the direct result of global warming. Jerry won’t listen. He doesn’t really care anyway. He just likes to get Al all wound up. And it works. Al just called me practically screaming. He’s down at Kleiner Perkins meeting with greentech people all day, and then he checks his iPhone during a bathroom break and finds these taunts from Jerry and so he calls me, as if there’s something I can do about it. I told Al, Look, just let it go, don’t let him get to you.

Al says he wants Jerry tossed off the board. I’d love to do it, honestly, but we can’t do that. He’s too wired in. And honestly, we’re all scared of him. Just look at the photo of him. The guy sharpens his teeth. And yes, he’s little. But you would not want to fight him. Trust me.