iPhone app lets you avoid contact with other humans. I’m all for it.

See all about it here. Some guy has an app that will let you order Starbucks via your iPhone and pay via iTunes, so all you do is walk in and pick up your coffee and zip out. No inane chatter, no listening to their awful music, no waiting in line. Get in and get out.

As many of you know, I really can’t stand other people. And I’m a freak about germs. I never shake hands if I can avoid it. And I carry Purell with me at all times. Remember when that sex fiend woman touched me on the show floor at Macworld? I was so freaked out that I had to go in for tests afterward. And I couldn’t sleep until I got the results.

In fact a great deal of what I’ve developed over the course of my career has been aimed at enabling people to avoid other human beings. The ultimate goal is total isolation. Sadly, most people can’t afford it, but thanks to Moore’s Law the cost is coming down every year. Ideally we’d each have our own germ-free environment with a robot sex partner or a hologram or something. No more catching colds or getting the flu. No more messy interpersonal relationships. Perfect.