I tried out a new exfoliation scrub, and boy was that a mistake

Sorry for the prolonged absence. Over the weekend I tried out a new body exfoliation product and suffered a serious allergic reaction. This was stuff Jony picked up at a spa in Marin and he was swearing by it. No brand name, just a blue jar. Supposedly it comes from South America and contains some kind of tree extracts. I know, I know. Who in their right mind just slaps on a full-body chemical mask made of God knows what ingredients? Then again Jony had been using it and swore by it. And there’s no arguing with results. The dude has the softest, smoothest skin I’ve ever seen. He picked me up a jar when he was at his spa on Saturday, and dropped it off on Saturday night. I tried it out after my meditation and yoga workout on Sunday. Within an hour I’d swollen up like a balloon and my skin was bright red. Doctors were called and I needed a shot of something to bring me back to normal. Then spent two days recovering and talking to lawyers. We’ve also sent the stuff out to a lab for testing. More info as this develops.