I sense a disturbance in the force

About a half hour or so ago I woke up feeling nauseated and dizzy and just generally out of sorts, like maybe I was coming down with the flu. Couldn’t understand why. Was sitting up in my office doing some Zen meditation and breathing exercises when I got pinged on my iMac by my buddy Brinke. Tells me he woke up having the same weird symptoms and then turned on the TV and found out what was causing it.

She’s here. The beast. In the Valley. My God. She’s like one of those squids that spews out black ink, only what she spews is bad karma. And she sucks up all the good karma. Honestly, people, if she’s elected I may have to move Apple out of the country. We’ll put the headquarters in Tibet or something. Brinke says there were strange problems with the power grid which started right after her plane touched down.

FWIW, check out the grimbo motherfuckers in that audience. Now picture those humorless assholes celebrating victory in November. Then picture the kind of world these charmless schoolmarms would try to impose on us if they ever obtained power. Friends, for the sake of all that is holy and good, these people must be stopped.