I feel so bad for Bill Lerach. Nah, just kidding.

Well after years of raping every company in the Valley with ridiculous shareholder lawsuits and then preening around like some kind of big superstar crusader for the common man, old Bill Lerach has finally gotten what he deserves — two years in prison. Which means that with any luck, soon Mr. Chia Head will be having done to him the same thing he’s been doing to us all these years. Money quote from yesterday’s Journal story comes from T.J. Rodgers of Cypress Semiconductor: “He’s getting what he deserves. I once likened Lerach to low life form, somewhat below pond scum. Thank goodness he’s met my highest expectations.”

Then in today’s Journal, Lerach is mulling over how he’s going to survive in the big house. He says he intends to “keep to myself, read, serve my time and come out.” He also says his plan involves using newspapers to bribe fellow prisoners. “A sports section is supposed to win you a lot of favors,” he says.

Sure it does. Keep dreaming, muffin ass. A bunch of us here in the Valley are taking up a collection to send you a wig and a skirt and some red lipstick. You’re gonna need them.

Meanwhile, dear readers, if you need yet another reason to vote for Obama instead of Hillary, check out this photo. Its title: “Birds of a feather.”