Holy mother of God. They’re trying to bring back OS/2.

Not all of it, just part of it. But still. Worse yet, the rumor is they want to combine it with Linux and create a new Frankenstein monster. It was bad enough to see IBM trying to resurrect Lotus Symphony as a freebie product. Now I guess they figure why not toss out some pieces of OS/2 while we’re at it. For more on the looming OS/2 nightmare see this story by Steven J. Vaughan-Cut-And-Paste from eWeek, who naturally thinks this is a wonderful idea because OS/2, as we all remember, was far and away the second-best operating system of the 1980s, and IBM is this huge Linux booster so anything they do is obviously wonderful in the eyes of the freetard hackery, unless it’s something like suing Amazon over patents, in which case the freetards simply pretend it didn’t happen.

Also: I know we’ve now mentioned two stories in a row by this illustrious hack, Steven J. Vaughan-Cut-And-Paste. If you’re wondering how this happened, here’s the story: The FSJ Spotlight Team is still monitoring this guy to see how long it takes for him to start reprinting press releases verbatim again. We’re pretty sure that sooner or later he’ll be back to his old habits. So far, however, he hasn’t slipped up. To be sure, he’s still writing mostly from press releases, and lifting huge chunks of them, but now he carefully puts these huge chunks inside quote marks. Which I guess qualifies as journalism. Sort of.

FWIW, the OS/2 story isn’t taken from a press release. It’s sourced this way: “I’m told by developers who should know …” In other words, IBM is feeding him stuff. So much easier than having to write it for him in the form of a press release.