Go vote! Then do it again! And again!

Friends, today the future of our civilization hangs in the balance. The man in the photo above is our only hope. Please please go to your local polling station and vote for him. Then go back under a different name and vote for him again. Keep doing this until they stop you. It’s that important. Even if your state is not voting today, go down there and stand outside and just chant his name. Okay? If you do live in a state that is voting, get out there and bug your neighbors. Drive them to the polls. Call the local Obama office and see what you can do to help. FWIW, I’ll be busy most of the day today driving people to the polls one at a time in my Mercedes two-seater. Not the most efficient method but you would not believe how much people will pay for the chance to ride along with El Jobso and see the famous car with no license plate.

Go Obama! Go!