Gaping security hole in Linux

Hackers have found a “major Linux security hole,” but of course this is great news, according to famed freetard and renowned Red Hat press release copyist Steven J. Vaughan-Cut-and-Paste of eWeek. Because now the problem can be fixed — geddit? Money quote: “Security, the experts like to tell us, is a process, not a product. With open source that can be a very good thing since when security problems are found they can be fixed quickly.” Yup. There’s a gaping hole in Linux, and “no perfect patch for the problem at this time,” but that’s nothing to be upset about, and in fact it’s something to be cheered.

Right. Now imagine the exact same exploit had been found in OS X. Imagine how the freetards would be screaming. Better yet, imagine it had been found in Vista. Would Steven J. Vaughan-Freetard be cheering that one too? Egads. Freetards, listen to me. This kind of bullshit coverage does nothing to advance your cause.