Freetard attacks Torvalds, defends OS X

See here. Noted freetard Matt Asay says Linus was out of his mind when he said recently that OS X was “utter crap” compared to Linux. Money quote: “I guess when you’re famous you can say inane things and get away with it. Yes, Linux does some things better than Mac OS X and Microsoft’s Windows Vista on the desktop (security, maybe), but let’s be honest: the Linux desktop is ‘utter crap’ compared to either OS X or Windows when it comes to the thing that matters most: usability. If normal people can’t use it, it just doesn’t matter how beautifully architected it is. Sorry, Linus. Everyone has to be wrong sometimes. This is your turn to shine.”

Much love, Matt Asay. Prepare to be called a shill by your fellow freetards.