Foucault’s Pendulum: An update

Well I got about thirty pages into FP last night and so far the story seems pretty interesting but to be honest I’ve been much more fascinated (and not in a good way) by the typeface that they used. There’s a little info at the end and they say it’s a typeface called Bhenchod but there’s no further info. So I’ve got Ja’Red doing some research for me. As you know I consider myself a leading expert on typefaces since I took a single calligraphy class as an undergraduate more than thirty years ago. And frankly I’ve got a few bones to pick with the way this edition of FP has been set and laid out. For one thing the leading is way out of balance with the size of the font. That alone is a huge problem and it makes it really difficult to read the book without getting distracted. At least if you’re an aesthete like me who pays a huge amount of attention to tiny details like that. Just makes it very hard to focus. Probably not a problem if you’re just some academic type who thinks he’s a big intellectual yet doesn’t even know a thing about calligraphy or typefaces. Anyway. Not sure how much of this book I will be able to read, frankly.