Clinton pal Susan Estrich now plays the race card too

See here. Gist of her argument is that people pretend to like Obama but won’t vote for him when they get in the ballot box because they’re secretly racist but ashamed to admit it. She says this is why Obama does better in polls than he does in the actual election. Estrich says this has happened to other black politicians too. See? It’s a black thing. Riiight.

Money quote: “If this is happening even among us good Democrats, what does that say about Obama‚Äôs strength in a general election? Not pretty questions. Not a fair world. But for Democrats who want to win, these are questions that must be addressed.”

Well here we go. It’s like we’re reliving the Lewinsky years. All of the slimy Clintonistas are crawling out of the woodwork now that Hillary is on the ropes. First we had that smarmy prick Begala all over the TV a few days ago after Super Tuesday. Now we’ve got Susan Estrich warning that we should all vote for Hillary because a black dude can’t win the general election. Ugly stuff.

Meanwhile Obama swept four states this weekend.