The Borg-Yahoo arranged marriage

Just got a call from Iulia and Natasha in Krasnodar and they say that after hearing about how miserable all of the people at both Microsoft and Yahoo are about the merger they wonder if anyone other than Ballmer actually wants this to happen. They say the Borg-Yahoo merger reminds them of one of those arranged marriages from old-fashioned novels (or from modern day Krasnodar) where neither the bride nor the groom wants it to happen but both are powerless to stop it. They suggest the photo above might be a good one to use in future stories about Microhoo instead of the one of Ballmerdog fucking Yangdog. Apparently the photo depicts the joyous first encounter between a mid-level Microsoft executive and his counterpart at Yahoo who are excitedly discussing synergies that could be achieved by combining operations and ways to leverage resources more effectively in order to deliver greater value-add and arranging a list of action items, blah blah.

Much love, Iulia and Natasha. We always appreciate your suggestions.