Bam! Borg makes Yahoo its bitch.

In case you’re still waking up and getting coffee, the Borg just launched an assault on Yahoo, offering $45 billion. Now we know why Terry Semel left yesterday I guess. He’s the guy who rebuffed the Borg a year ago. Question is whether he quit in disgust or if the Borg made his departure a condition of the deal. Anyway, this is classic Borg. They wait. And wait. And wait. They press on you. They look for weakness. They keep pushing and pushing. They step on your oxygen tube, just a little, so slightly that nobody can see it but just enough to make it a little harder for you to breathe. They watch you grow weaker and weaker. They let Jerry Yang do his stupid 100-day review. Then they pounce. Now they’ve rounded up Facebook and they’ll soon have Yahoo, as long as government regulators don’t block the deal, which they probably won’t given the current administration. Oh, and gee whiz — guess who just missed their earnings number and has lost about $40 billion in market value in the last few months? Hmmm. Seen this movie before?

Beastmaster, I hate you. But I tip my cap to you too. Deep down, we are more alike than we are different.

Much love to anyone who can Photoshop the heads of Jerry Yang and Steve Ballmer onto the photo above.