At last we find out how the Borg steals from us

Turns out they just tape pu Leopard screen shots in hallways, with Post-It notes so MicroTards can comment. Very high tech. See this blog post from a Borg developer named Brandon. Top part is about how much he loves his Mac. But the key bit comes at the end: “One day a friend of mine on the team printed off a couple dozen screenshots of Leopard, showing off various tasks the user can do in OS X, and hung them on one of our hallways. Across from it are pictures of the same tasks in that incredibly well-kept secret of a project that we’re working on. There are post-it notes and markers next to each wall where passersby leave comments/questions. I wonder if any hallways in Cupertino have something like that?

In fact, Brandon, the answer is yes. We have people who do something like that. They’re called lawyers. Watch your back, punk.