An angry Microsoftie vents his spleen

This guy works at Microsoft but doesn’t mind bashing the hell out of them. He’s so fed up with Borgware that he’s switched to a Mac. Money quote:

“I know I’m becoming a snotty Mac user, but after months of having made the transition, I understand why we go snotty. Apple doesn’t churn out perfection, but they’re hyperaware of the user experience. Things occasionally crash, and Safari has a memory leak that, although a rare event, can shut down the app. But overall, these are small things. They stand out because they’re the exceptions. Most of the time things simply work. As I’ve said before, even Windows runs far better as an app under OS X than it does on its own. I don’t know why that is, but there you go.

“It’s things like this that drained me of the motivation to continue promoting Microsoft products. The further in I got, the worse my opinion of the company was. The clutter you experience on the user end is the product of clutter internally. If it weren’t cruel and a danger to the economy, I’d suggest that Microsoft fire about 40,000 people.”