Am I angling to be Obama’s VP? I can’t answer that question at this time.

So I’m doing this big speech at the Eclipse Foundation conference next month and apparently it’s not enough that they’ve got the top-rated Fake CEO slated to appear — they’re also trying to play me up as a possible VP candidate in an Obama campaign. Folks, all I can say is that as far as I know there has been no evidence presented that would support any such claims about my intentions and at this point Katie has advised me not to comment on speculation. I’m a huge fan of Obama, that’s true. I’m also a huge fan of the Eclipse Foundation and look forward to doing a keynote at their event if only because it will rile up a bunch of freetards, and with any luck the Free Software Foundation will appear outside in yellow hazmat suits to protest my appearance or even — dare I hope? — burn me in effigy.

Early registration ends in the next few days, from what I’m told. And yes, most of the panels are really gorpy techie stuff but there will be entertainment too — I’m talking about FSJ, and Cory Doctorow will talk about his weird-ass glasses, and Sam Ramji from Microsoft is going to show up let freetards throw tomatoes at him. Or maybe he’ll try to explain why the Yahoo deal makes perfectly good sense. Now that I’d pay to hear. See you all in Santa Clara.