Allchin admits: We blew it on those stickers

Now the Borg is in trouble for the way it handled its “Vista capable” sticker program, letting PC makers put “Vista capable” stickers on machines that could only run Vista Home Basic, the low-end version which lacks many of the most annoying and unreliable frigtarded features found only in the more expensive versions. Naturally there’s a lawsuit, and the lawyers have dug up some email in which former Windows boss Jim Allchin says, “We really botched this.” The Borg of course says this email does not represent the truth and that, um, I don’t know, the sticker program was a huge success? Not sure. Sadly the lawsuit is not addressing larger issues like (a) the damage to the planet caused by the existence of any version of Vista, and (b) Microsoft’s outsized contribution to the destruction of world culture over the past three decades. Guess those issues will have to be taken up separately.

In unrelated news, we keep spotting Allchin at our Apple retail stores, wearing a disguise and paying in cash. Dude, we totally know it’s you.