Woz thinks this is a joke about him — and he’s pissed

Little back story here. Way back a hundred years or so ago when we were in the garage, Woz had a few little issues with flatulence. I mean the guy lived in a garage and never worked out and ate nothing but burritos and Big Macs. Worse yet, his patented attack is the SBD — silent but deadly. So you’d get no warning horn alerting you to leave the area. You’d just be sitting there, working, and suddenly this smell would hit you. We used to call it Chernobyl. You’d have to clear the garage. Woz would just sit there snickering. Anyway, after a while nobody wanted to work around Woz or even hang around with him because he’d do this anywhere — in the car, in a restaurant, at the movies. Didn’t care. And Randy Wigginton used to have this saying whenever Woz would be spotted coming toward us. He’d say, “There’s something in the air.”

But Woz, I swear to God this slogan has nothing to do with you. We’re doing wireless sync on iPod and iPhone, that’s all. Oops. Did I just say that out loud?