Wired’s "Sexiest Geeks" competition is an outrage

Just look at this photograph of Olivia Munn from “Attack of the Show.” She’s in her underwear! My goodness. Apple faithful, this must be stopped. Go here to see the rest of this filthy smut and to voice your outrage! Yes, they want you to vote for the sexiest woman. But I say forget voting and protest instead! It’s sickening enough that Wired.com is exploiting these poor creatures, but now they also want you to objectify and rank them, like so many, I don’t know, rankable objects.

Also, why does this list not contain photographs of top geeks like Dave Winer and his friend Naked Jen? Because the editors at Wired.com are sexist and lookist and have a narrow, stereotyped view of what’s beautiful, that’s why. I mean just look at that photo of Olivia Munn. Look at it! Now look again. Well I guess that’s what passes for “beauty” in this twisted age. That’s the image that the sicko media force-feeds us, and we all buy into it.

Shame on you, Wired.com. Shame! Running photographs of barely clad women in a transparent ploy to goose your page view stats. Ugly stuff.