We really are super excited about our new products

And we really really could not wait to announce the new MacPro and the new Xserve server. I know people are skeptical about our timing and as Johnny Poison told us some people think it looks bad but honestly we’re not making this up. We came in yesterday and had a meeting and found out these products were done and ready to go, and we said, Hey, why not? Why hold them back a week if they’re ready to go today? They brought in the engineers and gave me a demo and I said, Fine, okay, let’s do it tomorrow. I know it’s CES week but honestly I wasn’t even aware of that when I made the decision. I really really pay no attention to CES. None at all. Even if I did pay attention to it I wouldn’t let events like that shape what we do at Apple. We march to our own beat. We think different. We’re not one of those companies that’s all driven by marketing and spin and hype. We just go to work each day and make the best products we can, the products that we want to use ourselves, and when those products are ready we put them out to the market and hope that other people love them as much as we do [enough, we get it, Ed.]