Turns out Robert Frost is dead. And he was a total prick. Which makes him perfect for our ad campaigns.

So I had Katie look into this Robert Frost poet that Java Gal was raving about. I was hoping we could set up a meeting with him because as you know I like to hang out with fellow artists and share ideas with them and find out what drives them and why they love our computers so much. And frankly most of them say afterward that they learn way more from these meetings than I do, which is very cool. Anyway, Katie went looking for him on Facebook and MySpace and couldn’t find him. Then I gave her Allen Ginsberg’s cell phone number so she could check and see if he knew this Frost guy, but it turns out Ginsberg is dead. Who knew? Well, just now I heard from Katie (yeah, I made her spend her Sunday doing this) that Frost is dead too. What is it with these poets dropping dead? Katie made a bunch of phone calls and traded all this email with people she knows who work in academia she’s found out out that Frost isn’t just dead, he’s totally dead. Like he’s been dead since the early 1960s.

But here’s the thing. Turns out this guy was like a completely grumpy curmudgeonly old prick. And you know that saying people use about “taking the road less traveled”? That was him. Which means he’s perfect for one of our “think different” ads where we talk about the crazy ones and the troublemakers. Plus, since he’s been dead so long, I’m pretty sure we can use his photo without paying anyone a dime. Nice right? We’re going to get on it right away.