Ta very much, now hand over more money, please

Regarding this U2 smash-and-grab attempt, please consider the following:

“How to Dismantle an Atom Bomb” was released in 2004. In 2002 they did a greatest hits album and before that, in 2000, was “All That You Can’t Leave Behind.” Before that was a greatest hits album in 1998 and before that was “Pop” which was recorded in 1996 and released in 1997. So in the past 12 years they’ve done two albums. And nothing since 2004.

Sure there’s the 3-D movie, some reissues and remasters. And, oh right, they’re “working on new material.” Sure they are. If you count pints of Guinness as “new material,” because that’s the only thing they’re working on, believe me. That and groupies.

So let’s face it. They’re coasting. They’ve got piles of money, houses all over the world, private jets, everything they could ever need and a lot that they don’t, and now they want more. More, more, more. Now that’s a song I’d like to hear them sing. Maybe it could be the title of their next album. Or gimme gimme gimme.