The suspense is killing you, right?

So I was just hanging out in the executive sweat lodge with Jonny and we were laughing about how all the fanboys are just salivating and drooling and peeing in their pants this week wondering what we’re going to announce next week. Jonny says that in the world of an Apple true believer this week, the week before Macworld, is either the best week of the year, or the worst, or both. He says you’re all like a bunch of kids on Christmas Eve, all amped up on sugary treats and unable to sleep. Apparently a shitload of kooks have already started landing at SFO today, with more flocking in all weekend.

Well, I can’t tell you what the big surprise is. But as I’ve said before, it’s big. And it’s a surprise. It’s something you’d never have imagined, not in a million years. It is going to change the world. Like, from now on, all of history will be divided into two eras — the time before this product was unveiled, and then the rest of time. It’s the future. Only, as John Edwards says, tomorrow begins today. Or Tuesday. Whatever. You get it.

So anyway. Just for kicks, Jonny says we should ask everyone to take a guess. Go ahead. Take your best guess. What is Product X? Free fake copy of it to anyone who guesses correctly.